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Scandinavian Archaeology is an online based popular science magazine with aim to make news and research regarding Scandinavian archaeology accessible for the public. Scandinavian Archaeology is also a platform for archaeologist or historians to publish their research or topics of interest in a fun, easy, and personal manner through the limitless craftmanship of writing.
With one foot in academia and the other in popular science, Scandinavian Archaeology is the perfect place to find archaeological news, research, and topics in an accessible format.

Written by archaeologist or historians, you can make sure you will receive well written and correct articles with researched information without having to de-code the sometimes quite difficult academic articles that are locked away in academic journals.

What we want to do for our readers is to awaken the curiosity around archaeology for the casual reader, as well as highlight different areas of the field for fellow academics. Ever wondered if archaeologists actually dig up dinosaurs or how on earth bones can ‘speak’ to us? This is the place for you!

Scandinavian Archaeology will provide you with different written formats about research and topics connected to Scandinavian archaeology, the general history of the region and topics related to the overall archaeological field.

We warmly welcome you to stay awhile and dive into the world of archaeology in the cold north, we’re bound to have something that will whet your appetite and satiate your curiosity!

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